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As you know these are tiring times with half of the humanity currently under lockdown. The Covid-19 virus is the biggest challenge the world has faced since the World War II, and the only way we can beat this advisory is through social distancing. Precisely for this reason, we have adopted a new format for awards this year. Instead of organizing a live ceremony this year, we have decided to go digital. We will be presenting a digital award certificate, along with a media kit and other benefits, to the winners. We are fully committed to your well-being, and that's the reason we have chosen this online recognition program format this year. Like always, we remain committed to give recognition to deserving businesses and help them boost the morale of their employees and stakeholders.
Of course not. Felicitating the deserving companies online doesn't lower its importance in any way. We remain, as always, highly committed to acknowledge and recognize exemplary companies in India, businesses who have made a strong impact in their business niche. The award remains every bit as prestigious as it were to be held in a conventional manner. Also, it is important to stress that winners will get the same benefit like before. Winning the India's Business Award will boost your company's image and brand name, strengthen your claim of being a top player in your niche, help you improve employee satisfaction, and grow your bottom-line.
The selection process begins with the filing of the nomination form. Stage one includes initial screening as well as categorization. In the Stage two, research team will evaluate your application and assign you a rating. Now comes the third stage, in which our jury panel will study your application and relevant documents and will then assign you a score. In the fourth sage, that is the last stage, your cumulative score will be calculated and final selection will be done. We advise you to carefully read the whole nomination and selection process listed on our official website before you file your nomination. Providing incorrect or incomplete information may lead to the disqualification of the nominated company, subject to the final decision of our jury panel.
Of course, it will. Having said that, much will depend on how you use them. This award is a great tool that can help you take your business to the next level. Nevertheless, it is, in the end, just that - a great tool. If you don't use it judiciously, you may fail to drive the maximum benefit from it. After all, even a good tool in the hand of an unwise person will fail to deliver. Therefore, we advise you to use this achievement wisely. Don't let go of any opportunity to highlight this achievement of yours. Use every avenue available to you, including social media platforms, to showcase your achievement. If you do that, we are sure you will drive maximum traction from it and leave your competition miles behind.
Statistics prove that stakeholders and clients like to be associated with a reputable organization. Winning a corporate recognition award such as India's Business award helps you set up yourself as a responsible, fast-growing company. In addition to this, winning a prestigious award will help you retain your employees better and attract new talent. Last but not the least, winning such an award can help you improve your bottom-line.
You will need to be in touch with our Corporate Branding team on these matters and they will guide you on the correct and authorized usage of our logos. The logo can be used in all the publicity & marketing material (including brochure, catalogs, hoardings, newspapers & TV Ads, company website, etc).
The winners will be selected based upon the nominations received & our selection criteria fixed by the jury. You can go through the selection process and nomination criteria on our website. The selected winner companies will receive a formal letter on the email so that they can complete their registration formalities in a timely manner.
The winners will be felicitated with a digital certificate of INDIA'S BUSINESS COMPANIES Award as token of appreciation. The winner companies will also be provided with one-year logo usage rights and associated benefits, subject to the completion of the registration formalities.
For Sponsorship enquiries regarding "INDIA'S BEST BUSINESS AWARDS " please contact Mr.Amar at [email protected]

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